Friday, 27 April 2012

Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend (27th April)

Well here we go!

I had the client all patched up and ready to go, I was expecting the timer on the main website to keep its side of the bargain, and waited for the beta to officially start, but apparently it jumped the gun haha. No biggie. I logged in first time, which is always a plus! Started making my Charr Warrior, which I had already decided to go with beforehand.

The level of customization is brilliant in the character creation. Very in-depth. Eventually completed all the fine tuning, and the personality traits, and got thrown into my opening cut-scene, which is tailored towards the character that you actually make. Personality and everything! Very cool.

This was the first snag I hit, once this cut-scene had completed, I was presented with a black screen (albeit with beautiful background music). It never recovered from this haha, so I had to kill the process and hope it had actually completed and remembered my character that I had just spent a good 20mins creating. I then couldn't log in because the traffic had majorly spiked, as it was past the official opening time. But eventually with perseverance, I was able to log back on, and luckily my character had been stored. A few more problems here and there, but eventually I managed to get ingame, and it was worth the wait. The server was massively congested, but it was fun all the same, and gave me a good idea of what the opening would be like.

Here are a few screenies via slideshow of the opening character creation sequence and ctuscene along with a bit of gameplay before I got kicked off!

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